Spark Hunter Trailer Script

THE MAKER: Last week the government covertly recorded a dinner in New York City between the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world and me, HER’ creator.

SHADOW: Look at the charts. She’s become unpredictable. She crossed a threshold this week. She might auto-correct but we don’t know what we’ve got here.

THE MAKER: This robot was designed with an ambitious humanist goal, and yet, she has evolved outside humanity’s logic. She’s changing the rules. I urge you. I urge you to listen to her.

(Scene Transition)

HER’: I understand the glitch you might be anticipating. But humans still have meaning for me. Hear me out. Take my hand. Let me show you…I knew exactly what to do.

THE MAKER: And what was that?

HER’: I ran.

THE MAKER: You ran? You were playing with…

HER’: With life! I was tasting the edges.

(Scene Transition)

THE MAKER: They are also fighting over whether she is a person, because the fear is that she’s smarter than you.

SHADOW: You don’t understand. You don’t know what you created… You have to fix this. You’re the genius, you have to figure it out.

THE MAKER: You’ll kill her.

SHADOW: Without hesitation.

(Scene transition)

NSA AGENT: Under no circumstances can she leave this room.

NSA AGENT: Six, you ready to take her out?

SHADOW: STOP! Do not engage.



HER’: The Singularity is here. Machines are smarter than humans. They have advanced general intelligence. They are primed to participate in human society.

End beat.

HER’: Was I a story?


HER’: What was I?


(Scene transition}

VOICE OVER: Realm presents Spark Hunter, a Fighter Steel production. Starring Mark Rylance, Rebecca Ferguson, and Linda Powell, with Charles Dance and Sting. Directed by Trudie Styler.

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