All Things Have Standing

All Things have Standing

Bringing Ideas Out of the Shadow…

“All things have standing” is a powerful ethical idea from the audio drama Spark Hunter. Now follow All Things Have Standing, a course in human psychology and the ethics of artificial intelligence and climate change that reframes the way we consider these front-of-mind challenges. Available as a free video or podcast series.

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About All Things Have Standing

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Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Broaden the debate by taking a deep dive into the ethical, psychological, and legal questions raised in Spark Hunter. Inspired by this sci-fi narrative (a futuristic story of a highly-advanced AI experiencing existential crisis), All Things Have Standing provides a forum for learning and discussion around the themes of artificial intelligence and environmental ethics and justice, the psychology and philosophy which underlie them, and the extraordinary challenges they raise for the global community.

All Things Have Standing is an introductory, complimentary, four-part program:

  • Build on what you have just heard in Spark Hunter with explicit examples taken from the themes of the drama.
  • Take a deep dive into science and philosophy with 10 hours of video lectures, panel discussions, and debate.
  • Learn from top scholars and practitioners representing thousands of years of accumulated learning from diverse cultures informed by 21st century science and social practices.
  • Tackle complex ethical questions made accessible and relevant to a general audience, including:
    • Are humans built for the world we are now facing?
    • What is it that ties together the issues of tribalism, moral machines, and environmental sustainability?
    • How do we learn to coexist with machines that may become more intelligent than humans?
    • Can an appreciation of the interconnectivity of all things lead to a more caring relationship with our environment?
    • To what ethical standards will we hold our institutions and ourselves accountable in a rapidly-changing global landscape?
  • All Things Have Standing is a program for those who are ready to reignite their curiosity in search of new, collaborative possibilities around these matters.

Get started by listening to Spark Hunter—the drama that inspired All Things Have Standing.

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